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Why Mother's Day...

Mothers Day

As a mother, it is nice when the children thank you for everything you do for them as I am sure many of you would agree but why on one day of the year is it celebrated?

Mother’s Day originated from America when Ann Reeves Jarvis died and her daughter Anna Jarvis held a memorial at St Andrews Methodist Church in 1905 for her mother and wanted it as a recognised holiday to celebrate her mother each year and all she did in the American Civil War.  Ann Reeves Jarvis like many of us was not just a mother. She was also social activist and Community organizer throughout the American Civil War era.  Unlike us, in the States it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Anna Jarvis was not the first pioneering women with the idea of Mother’s Day Julia Ward Howe in 1872 also suggested this day be celebrated on June 2nd. Julia an activist, writer and poet was famous for her Civil War Song “Battle Hymn of the Republic”

So why do we celebrate it in March?  Well there is history here to0.  Ours is linked to the Christian church from the Sixteenth centaury and no link to the American festival.  We hold it on the fourth Sunday of Lent hence why it moves each year.  It was considered important that church goers should visit the mother church at least once a year as many would only be visiting the local church (‘daughter church’) this resulted in family reunions as many children left home at 10 to work and it was when many in servant roles would be given the day off to visit their mothers especially daughters.

History even takes us back to the ancient Greeks. They would celebrate an annual spring festival that they dedicated to maternal goddesses this was to honor Rhea, wife of Cronous and mother to many deities of Greek mythology.

I could go on as there is history on ancient Romans pre-Christ and how it was to celebrate the Virgin Mary.

Today it is known as the Modern Mother’s Day and understandable when you read the history and how it has evolved, yes it has become very commercialised but in this current day and age being recognised and reminded of how much we are loved for being a mother and all we do is a wonderful feeling.

Can you see the theme here we are not just mothers whether you go out to work, fundraise or stay at home with the children you are more than just a mother, you are raising the next generation, you are making changes in the world and you may not even realise what and how much you do…

So how do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  Here is what some mum’s do