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The Day I met Karen Brady!

This time last week I had those butterflies in my stomach, you know the ones that will just not go away.

Today was the day I met Karen Brady and have my photo taken with her. I have read all her books and think she is just amazing, I am also a big fan of The Apprentice like so many of you.

I have never been like this before about anyone and all I can relate it too is when you are young and you have pop star idles that you scream and pass out over. As I was never this way inclined, this was new territory to me. I had never understood this when I was young, but can really relate to it now. (I always felt I must be weird)
Picture me with a business acquaintance by the front doors to enter a room with 300 other people to hear Karen give her inspiration talk and answer our questions with some amazing advice.  The doors open and I scramble to get to the front row directly in front of the stage and I did it!

My nerves were shattered and throughout it all, I was shaking with excitement, which made note taking hard I can tell you!
The time then came for us to meet her personally and this I can only relate to the moment in my life when I was first handed my 3 children after giving birth, I was that nervous with excitement.

Ann & Karen Brady 2

Then came the photo and I had to move on the adrenaline crash, my emotions took over and the tears had to be put in to check.

I can only thank Nigel Botterill of the Entrepreneurs Circle for arranging such wonderful guests to speak at these Business Inspiring days.

This moment will never, ever be forgotten, just like the moment, your baby is placed in your arms.


Ann Cope