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Add Character

Here Ann has used a chic moulding to add some character to a plain box

Ann Painting with Chalk paint

Don’t scrap the scraps

When you have a little piece of fabric left after making a cushion or quilt, don’t throw it away. It could easily become a neat bookmark. What shape could you make it – a feather, a chick (think Easter!), or just a simple ribbon. Just smooth the rough edges over and iron, perhaps embroider an initial. Sounds lovely to us!

Waste not…

Sometimes when we finish a project, we have a little paint left at the bottom of the tin. What can we do with it? How about upcycle some old clay pots. Give them a good scrub and… dip. You can cover them in some tape to create crisp lines and patterns. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can just turn them over and let the paint drip. Gravity will do the rest. It’s a great project to take on with your kids and the effects are spectacular.

Note: some paints are better for indoor pots; check what it says on the tin.

Tin cup

Now that the can of paint is completely empty, it still can be useful – there are never enough brush- and pencil-holders in our workshop!


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